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Zombies, Unicorns, Cannibals

Zombies, Unicorns, Cannibals

Searching for a way to entice youth into reading the Bible, teacher and scholar Sébastien Doane, whose expertise and passion lies in biblical literature, reveals the strange and weird tales that comprise a good portion of biblical narratives: cannibals and zombies for sure, but also pregnant women combating seven-headed dragons, a ménages à trois, “gang bangs”, excrement strewn over peoples’ faces, and slaves owned by Christians. But Doane does not just repeat biblical texts; he puts them into their historical and literary contexts, and offers personal reflections that connect the messages found in these passages to relevant contemporary issues in society. Intriguing and entertaining, the book also serves as a lesson in how to read the Bible, not through a literal sense, but by reading it from the moral, spiritual, and allegorical senses in which they were written. In the end, Doane helps readers to interact with the biblically bizarre, launching them into a quest to find meaning in our sacred texts.Sébestien Doane
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