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Words of Faith

Words of Faith

A dictionary of over 100 entries on key words and concepts of Paul from a theological point of view.

"This book is so much more than a list of concepts from A to Z found in the letters of Paul. Employing judicious and even-handed exegetical insights from more than forty years of interpreting Paul's letters, Brendan Byrne offers scholars and nonprofessionals a comprehensive window into Paul's theological vision by means of his extensive vocabulary. This is an essential resource for anyone interested in Paul's letters; it also provides an excellent companion to courses or introductory textbooks on Paul. Highly recommended!"
—Ronald D. Witherup, PSS, author, Scripture and Tradition in the Letters of Paul and Galatians: Life in the New Creation

"Brendan Byrne has given us a book that we have needed for a long time: an authoritative guide to Paul's vocabulary. Comprehensive in scope, exegetically sound, and theologically insightful, Words of Faith enables us to read Paul with understanding. If you are looking for a single resource that can lead you into the richness of Paul's thought, this is it!"
—Frank J. Matera, professor emeritus, The Catholic University of America

Brendan J. Byrne
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