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Women and the Vatican: An Exploration of Official Documents

Women and the Vatican: An Exploration of Official Documents

Approaching Vatican documents on women from a historical perspective, Helman explains the context of the documents those events in the world that may have influenced the Vatican to address certain issues and the main points of each document. She notes that reading official documents firsthand is important for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, feminism, sexuality, women s ordination and/or the Church s position on abortion/contraception. However, my goal is to create as neutral of an anthology as possible.

Collected together in this form, these documents are accessible to a wide range of people and available for a broad range of college classes from ethics to theology and religion, to sexuality to women s studies in religion, and to the church at large.

Documents included are Mulierus dignitatem, Inter insigniores, Pacem in terris, Humane vitae, On the Collaboration of Men and Women, Familiaris consortio, Persona humana, Ordinatio sacerdotales, Evangelium vitae, Deus caritas est, Address of Pope Paul VI to Women, Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women, Intervention by The Holy See at the 61st General Assembly of the UN on Women, Women Bear an Effective Witness to Faith, and Gaudium et spes. 182650 Ivy A. Helman
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