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Beauty: A Path to God

Beauty: A Path to God

Beauty: A Path to God is an invitation to embrace a spirituality of beauty. Grounded in the foundational writings of Hans Urs von Balthasar, it explores the ability of beauty to introduce components of prayer, joy, and spirituality into our lives today. Starting by looking broadly at the spirituality that comes from living amidst beauty, it then focuses on the beauty that resides in key aspects of a strong spiritual life, exploring the beauty inherent in appreciating the present moment, the beauty associated with forgiveness, and the beauty that comes from gratitude. Finally, the book ends with an exploration of darkness as the path to beauty, understanding that great beauty often has its origins in times of spiritual or emotional darkness and melancholy.
Throughout the book the author refers to visual works of art, as well as poetry and prose, that serve as pointers to beauty. The book provides a list of URLs at which these works can be viewed or read.SJ; Richard Leonard, Anthony J. Ciorra
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