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101 Questions & Answers on Catholic Social Teaching: Second Edition

101 Questions & Answers on Catholic Social Teaching: Second Edition

Now revised to reflect the many changes in our society, around the world, and in the church, this volume provides basic introductory information about the edition of Catholic social teaching, giving a concise overview of what the major documents of the tradition say about political, economic, and social life. Laced throughout with references to the actual documents, the volume puts into accessible language the key ideas that the church has proclaimed in the are of social teaching.

Grouped by topics, the questions represent the most common inquiries the the typical Catholic asks about the church's teaching. The answers are brief, accurate responses based on the important official documents of the church. While the book can be read easily in a sitting or two, the format also permits the reader to check on a single topic or idea for quick reference. Ideal for personal education, the book is also suitable for adult formation, discussion, and reflection.SJ; Richard Leonard, Kenneth R. Himes OFM
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