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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

All religious tradition asserts that we cannot authentically ponder the meaning and mystery of God without, at the same time, honestly considering the meaning and purpose of our own existence.

In this follow up to Who Is God?, well-known spiritual writer Irma Zaleski explores the nature of self-knowledge and spiritual growth based on dismantling the ego.

This is a companion to Who Is God?, asking this perennial question from a different yet complimentary perspective.

Irma Zaleski was born in Poland and emigrated to Canada after World War II. Formerly a teacher at York University, she became a member of the Roman Catholic Madonna House community in Combermere, ON in 1984. It was at Madonna House that she first encountered the Eastern Orthodox tradition that gives her books their unique flavour. She is the author of Finding Christ Within (Novalis 2006), and Living the Jesus Prayer (Novalis 2011).

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