Book Proposals or Manuscript Submission

Thank you for your interest in Novalis Publishing, Canada’s premier publisher of religious books, resources and periodicals. To learn more about the kinds of books we publish, please visit our website ( If you would like to submit a book proposal, please follow the instructions below. Our internal review process generally takes three to six months. Please note that we do not review manuscripts that are currently under review by other publishers, and that we do not publish poetry or fiction.

What to include

1. Information about you:
a. Name, as it should appear on the book if accepted for publication;
b. Home and (if applicable), professional addresses, including phone number(s), email address(es);
c. Degrees, professional qualifications you have, and universities/colleges attended;
d. Current occupation;
e. Religious affiliation.
2. Information about your book proposal:
a. A one to two sentence description (a pithy description of its theme and scope);
b. A more detailed description of your book (300-500 words; as this description will be used as a reference for catalogue copy and cover copy, please use clear straightforward language);
c. Two sample chapters, and a Table of Contents.
3. Answers to the following questions:
a. What subject category (or categories) best describes your book?
b. What are the main features of your book? (Please provide at least 3 points);
c. What needs does your book address?
d. What is your unique contribution as a writer to this subject?
e. Who is the market for this book? (Please be specific; for example, teachers, pastors, people working in pastoral care, seniors, parents, catechists, children);
f. What sets your book apart from others now available on the same topic (Please list competing books, including the full title, author’s name, publisher and, if possible, copyright year)?
g. What points of your book do you think might attract criticism? How would you answer this criticism?
h. Is this your first book? If not, please list previous books, publishers and publication information. If you have sales information, please include that too.

To whom and where to send this information

By mail: Simon Appolloni, PhD, Associate Publishing Director
Novalis Publishing 1 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 800 Toronto, ON M4P 3A1

By email:

* Do not send us your only copy. Due to large volume, we are not able to return submissions.