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When a Loved One Dies by Suicide

When a Loved One Dies by Suicide

When someone you love dies by suicide, confusion, shame, and guilt often add to the emotional upheaval and spiritual turmoil in your life. When a Loved One Dies by Suicide was written by Catholics who have lost a loved one due to suicide. The contributors share their personal stories of loss, of learning to cope with the crushing grief, of finding comfort in faith and community, and of discovering hope as they began to move forward again. Suicide, although common, too often is hidden in our culture and in the Catholic Church. When a Loved One Dies by Suicide dispels the misconceptions about what the Church teaches about suicide and offers a wealth of guidance and support to help you find your own path toward healing. The contributors include Deacon Ed Shoener, Bishop John P. Dolan, Msgr. Charles Pope, Leticia Adams, Tom and Fran Smith, and clinical experts in the field of mental health and suicide. In this book, you will find: encouragement with practical matters such as taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually; ways to let others know what you need and find a network of support; guidance to tell your story when you’re ready to share it; prayers of comfort and encouragement; solace, hope, and healing from within the rich traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church; and information for how to help others experiencing a similar loss, if and when you are drawn to do so. READ MOREAssociation of Catholic Mental Health Ministers
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