What We Believe

by Margaret Lavin

What We Believe
Publication date: 2009-08-31
Number of pages: 174
ISBN: 9782896461431
An indispensable guide to theology for religion teachers present and future.
What We Believe explores two major areas of thought: the theological foundations of the Christian faith, and the Christian understanding of the human person. Its theological insights and conclusions will be invaluable for those who teach in a variety of Christian contexts - especially those who prepare candidates to teach Christian religious education.
If teachers are going to teach their faith, they need to know what it is about. What We Believe outlines the major theological themes that ground our understanding of who we believe God is, and who we are in relationship to God. What We Believe adapts for teachers the foundational lessons of Margaret Lavin's Theology for Ministry (Novalis, 2004).Margaret Lavin

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