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What the Mystics Know: Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self

by Richard Rohr

What the Mystics Know: Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self
Publication date: 2015-05-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780824520397
Drawing from the best and most poetic of Richard Rohr’s essays from nearly a quarter of a century, each chapter in this new collection examines one of the seven core mystical truths. Organized according to the mystical paths that every worshiper must follow, Rohr identifies the despair of everyday life, promotes opportunities for change even in the face of pain, thereby transforming one's deeper self into a beacon of light that aids in the perpetual metamorphosis of others. Illuminating these insights with reflections on Christian and Jewish scriptures while citing the greatest religious writers throughout the ages, Rohr offers an unparalleled window into the wisdom of the mystics, within a succinct volume that represents the best treasury of his vast library of writing.
Richard Rohr

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