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What Do You Know? A Catholic Identity Game for the Whole Community

What Do You Know? A Catholic Identity Game for the Whole Community

If we want people to learn, we have to fully involve them. Even better, we have to help them enjoy the learning experience. Having fun while learning is what this book is all about. The author contends that we meet our God in time and space and because these encounters are sacred in our memory, we have to take the time to name and reverence them. For this reason, the Church has a liturgical year that is filled with celebrations of feast and season. We remember and bring into our present lives those mysteries of our God and heroic deeds of our saints that inspire us in our lives as Catholic Christians. Catholic literacy requires familiarity with the terms and concepts that we as members of the Catholic community use to name what we do and who we are. Catholic literacy is, of course, an essential ingredient of whole community catechesis and lifelong faith formation. Thus, each of the twenty-seven intergenerational identity games in this book focuses on learning more about our faith, particularly through our liturgical seasons and experiences. The questions range from easy to challenging and can be used as icebreakers, for review of content already learned, as discussion starters, to share basic information, and for sacrament preparation. The process is informative and enjoyable and through it the whole parish community will share lively discussion and renewed interest in the Catholic faith.Peggy O'Neill Fisher
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