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What Did the Fishermen Catch?: And Other Questions

by Sally Ann Wright

What Did the Fishermen Catch?: And Other Questions
Publication date: 2006-05-01
Number of pages: 28
ISBN: 9780809167326
What did the fisherman catch? What did the princes find? What did the shepherds see? Children will be delighted to find the answers to these and other simple questions--thirteen in all--based on stories from the Bible. The answers are understandable by even the youngest of children: What did the princes find? A baby in a basket! Moses was hidden there to keep him safe from the soldiers. The princess wanted to keep him. So she let him grow up in the palace. When Moses was grown up, God helped him to save his people. Enhanced by colorful and appealing illustrations that are sure to make children (and adults) smile, this book is a fun yet effective way for children to learn about the God who make them and sent Jesus to be their friend.Sally Ann Wright