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What Are They Saying about Catholic Ethical Method? (Watsa)

What Are They Saying about Catholic Ethical Method? (Watsa)

The always popular What Are They Saying About series introduces readers to the current debate concerning the two predominant Roman Catholic ethical methods that have emerged since Vatican II. The two theories investigated are both grounded in the Catholic natural law tradition and are designated as the Basic Goods Theory (BGT), also known as the "New Natural Law Theory, " and revisionism.

In a clear and concise manner, Todd Salzman investigates what it is that fundamentally divides these two ethical theories and then what has created such animosity and division not only among theologians but also within the Church herself.

This book:

-- proposes a possible basis for common ground and future dialogue.

-- is ideal for use by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as lay readers.

-- sheds new light on the debate for moral theologians.Todd A. Salzman, Todd Salzman

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