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Welcoming Each Wonder: More Contemporary Stories for Reflection

Welcoming Each Wonder: More Contemporary Stories for Reflection

A second book of stories for every week of the Christian year, and a few more besides. Relates to lectionary cycle A. Tom Gordon's stories are a product of his awareness of the issues of our current age. As a consequence, what he offers are truly contemporary parables, drawing our attention to facets of our modern living and pointing us to lessons and truths that have universal relevance. As a parent and a minister, a hospice chaplain and a bereavement specialist, a grandfather and a teacher, a husband and a poet, Tom has listened to people through the years and learned from countless experiences. He has absorbed important ideas, worked with and refashioned them, and now offers them as unique stories full of meaning and purpose, with accompanying poems and reflections of depth and emotion. His writing will take you on a journey where you will meet many fascinating characters, find yourself in new and interesting places, and learn much that you will value for your own journey of life and learning. 'You will be delighted to discover stories that are funny, moving and fresh - and encounter different ways to think about the signposts of the Christian Year. I have a hunch that you will enjoy this pilgrimage.' The Very Reverend Alan McDonald, from the Preface Comments about Tom Gordon's other books, A Need for Living and New Journeys Now Begin: 'Stories told with sensitivity and clarity of real people and their experiences.' Wellspring Community, Australia 'Making much use of stories and images, the book is full of pastoral wisdom.' Church Times 'A gem - it's earthy, it's real, it's a joy to read - a tremendous resource.' Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy 'Written with such skill - the use of images and stories are easily absorbed.' Review on Amazon 'He puts into words what so many would be unable to express for themselves - I have been enthralled from start to finish. There is hope and inspiration.' 'Stories which are deeply emotional - with a lightness of touch and real humour.' 'Beautifully written from the heart and a useful resource for my own work.' A parish minister 'Highly recommended.' Christian Family NetworkTom Gordon
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