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We Journey in Hope: Reflections on the Words from the Cross

by Neil Paynter , Peter Millar , Peter Millar

We Journey in Hope: Reflections on the Words from the Cross
Publication date: 2011-03-30
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9781849520768
Many people believe in a Christian spirituality which actually relates to the modern world - in all of its division, hope, violence and interconnectedness. Others find belief in a God of any kind impossible. Our human future is uncertain in many ways and this is not a time for the churches to respond with easy answers. This Easter book is not about easy answers. The words of Jesus from the Cross are difficult and challenging. And yet the fact that they emerge from a situation of human agony gives them huge relevance for our times. And the God whom Jesus addresses from the Cross remains at the heart of humanity and continues to weep with us. Each contributor to the book shares what a particular word means to her or him. These various reflections will enable the reader to encounter the words of Jesus in new ways; to be spiritually refreshed in order to listen more tenderly to the cries and longings of our sisters and brothers around the world. Includes reflections by Jan Sutch Pickard, Ruth Burgess and others, and an introduction by Donald Eadie.Neil Paynter, Peter Millar

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