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Walking A Woman's Path: A Woman's Faith Journey

Walking A Woman's Path: A Woman's Faith Journey

We are all on a faith journey -- a spiritual path. Some of us are very much aware of it and others are not. Each journey is different. Simple everyday prayers are part of that faith journey -- our spiritual path. This book is a collection of prayers and reflections on a faith journey of one woman. In this book she shares her daily ups and downs of life and her relationship with her God. Simple everyday prayers are part of this faith journey, this spiritual path. Many of us can relate to the everyday, spoken from the heart prayer. Many of us recite prayers we have learned over the years, yet when we speak to God we use our own voice. We speak the voice that God knows -- the voice that God put into our hearts when he breathed life into us. This is the comfort zone of the author. On our spiritual journey, things happen that sometimes stop us in our tracks. Prayer is a way to move us forward again. Making prayer a part of our everyday life, makes us more focused, more confident, more productive, more content and happier in our lives. Sometimes, simply telling God we are afraid, confused or angry breaks through the obstacles that keep us from seeing the silver lining of a blessing in disguise. The author believes that women will most relate to this book, because many of the prayers are spoken from the feminine point of view. However, she believes there is a masculine point of view too. Much of our life experiences are neither feminine nor masculine, simply human. Fear, confusion, anger, joy, enthusiasm, happiness are all human emotions. We all walk a different path, yet we seek the same God. She sees these walks as walks with God on her journey. She hopes that her book will somehow touch those who read it in a way that brings them to their center and a place where God will touch them.Helen M. Russell
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