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Vatican II: Fifty Person Stories

by William Madges , Michael J. Daley , Michael J. Daley, Michael Daley

Vatican II: Fifty Person Stories
Publication date: 2012-08-01
Number of pages: 328
ISBN: 9781570759932
2013 Catholic Press Association Book Award: 50th Anniversary of Vatican II (2nd Place)
Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the first session of Vatican II (1962-65), a watershed event in the history of the church, whose meaning and interpretation continue to inspire heated debate. In this book fifty distinguished authors, including theologians, journalists, spiritual writers, and pastoral leaders, offer their own assessment of the meaning of the Council and its historic documents, drawing in many cases on their personal experience as witnesses or participants. The contributors are a "who's who" of modern Catholic and non-Catholic voices: Francis X. Murphy (who, as "Xavier Rynne," penned an inside account of the Council for The New Yorker magazine), Martin E. Marty, Lisa Sowle Cahill, John O'Malley, Joan Chittister, Gregory Baum, Michael Novak, Basil Pennington, Richard McBrien, Cardinal Avery Dulles, John Dominic Crossan, Joseph Komonchak, Brother Roger of Taize, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Elizabeth Johnson, David Hollenbach, and many more.
For those who want to understand what happened at the Council, as well as those concerned about the state of the church today and the agenda for the future, these fifty personal stories provide an invaluable and inspiring resource.William Madges, Michael J. Daley, Michael Daley

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