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The Typikon Decoded (The Orthodox Liturgy)

The Typikon Decoded (The Orthodox Liturgy)

The Byzantine liturgy, with its beauty, its richness, and its depth, intrigues, inspires, and fascinates a great number of today s Christians; and yet it remains for many almost inaccessible if not incomprehensible.

The Typikon, the liturgical book that contains the order of the liturgical celebration, is complex, whence the necessity of decoding it both for recent converts and for cradle Orthodox Christians desiring to deepen their liturgical observance.

And that decoding is the goal of this book. Developed from courses given at the Institut Saint-Serge in Paris, it covers the celebration of the offices throughout the Byzantine liturgical year. The organization and composition of the liturgical offices are first situated in the context of their historical development, and then are analyzed in detail from a practical point of view.

This explanation of Byzantine liturgical practice, the first of its kind in English, includes an extensive bibliography and comprehensive glossary.Archimandrite Job Getcha;, Archimandrite Job Getcha
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