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Transforming Trauma: A Path toward Wholeness

by Teresa Rhodes Mcgee , Teresa Rhodes McGee

Transforming Trauma: A Path toward Wholeness
Publication date: 2014-07-28
ISBN: 9781570756153
Teresa McGee looks at the many wounds that shatter the human heart and asks, "Where is God in all this?" Using water as a metaphor, she makes us aware of channels of grace that flow within us and through us, generously and without cessation. "This water is deep enough to hold the human heart, its experience, its grief, its thirst."
Drawing on experience, psychology, and spirituality, McGee sheds new light on individual and communal trauma--from violence to illness to loss--and helps us to get in touch with the healing power within us and transform our suffering into compassionate witness to the truth.Teresa Rhodes Mcgee, Teresa Rhodes McGee