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Together We Heal

Together We Heal

A compassionate and resourceful guide for ministers journeying with victims of sexual abuse and violence. In his nearly forty years as a priest and archbishop, Sylvain Lavoie journeyed with victims of sexual abuse. Particularly in his ministry among the Aboriginal community, and those who suffered greatly in Indian Residential Schools, Lavoie heard first-hand the profound and unfathomable grief and pain that victims experience. Moved by those stories, he sought to create ways for victims of sexual abuse to experience healing and relief from their pain. Attentive to the uniqueness of each person’s story, Lavoie proposes a 12-step healing model focused on forgiveness, healing and moving on. Offering recommendations for pastoral care and creating safe spaces for victims, Lavoie helps ministers facilitate this process and provides a way for victims to experience healing from the tragic abuse that they have experienced. Lavoie’s guide is profoundly respectful and attentive to all who make the difficult journey. It comes from the heart of a pastor who cares deeply for all people. Archbishop Sylvain (O.M.I.) Lavoie
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