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To Reconcile God's People: Our Ministry and Mission

To Reconcile God's People: Our Ministry and Mission

Here is a selection of writings of Cardinal Roger Mahony on a wide range of topics. What they have in common is a concern for ministry to meet the needs of the local church in Los Angeles. This focus on ministry is already seen in his first Pastoral Letter as Archbishop of Los Angeles (1985) wherein he addresses his priests on the distinctiveness of their ministry and identity. The focus widens so as to include attention to the ministry of lay persons, deacons, women, and bishops. In his final Pastoral Letter (2008) he emphasizes the call of each of the baptized to engage in the task of evangelization.

In the course of his twenty-six years as Archbishop of Los Angeles, the cardinal s focus widened so as to become more inclusive of a wide range of ministries both ordained and nonordained. Perhaps more striking is the fact that his view of ministry shifted as he became more and more aware that all ministry in the church is in service of mission, the mission of the church, which is a share in the mission of the Word and of the Spirit, which is signaled in
As I Have Done for You, a Pastoral Letter on Ministry written by Cardinal Mahony and the priests of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (2000).

The selections in this volume are not lined up chronologically and are in no way exhaustive. Rather they are arranged in such a way as to show how in his treatment of ministry in various contexts, there is a widening of his understanding so as to include a range of gifts brought forward by all the baptized, the whole People of God, in service of the mission of the church.

The writings have been edited and, in some cases, abbreviated to make them more beneficial to readers in a wide range of ecclesial settings. There is a brief introduction to each of the writings. These are intended to provide the context and purpose of each.editor; Cardinal Roger Mahony;Michael Downey, writings of Cardinal Roger Mahony
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