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Tiny Bible Tales

Tiny Bible Tales

Tiny Bible Tales shares four stories of the Bible's bravest heroes with gentle, rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations.

Readers can now find all four Tiny Bible Tales in one beautiful book! Told in quiet, rhyming verse, coupled with gorgeous illustrations, Tiny Bible Tales shares the stories of David, Jonah, Miriam, and Daniel.

In David and the Lost Lamb, each day, David leads his flock of sheep out into the hills. When one lamb wanders from the rest and a hungry lion takes interest, David rushes to its aid, bringing the young sheep back to safety. In Jonah and the Whale, after setting sail against God's command, Jonah finds himself in the belly of a great whale. Trapped there for three days and three nights, he learns a valuable lesson in forgiveness. In Miriam and Pharaoh's Daughter, to save baby Moses, Miriam and her mother place him in a basket and set him adrift on the river. As Miriam watches from the reeds, she hopes that someone will find and rescue him. And someone does--Pharaoh's daughter! In Daniel in the Lions' Den, when Daniel is thrown into the lion's den, it takes all of his prayer and faith to save him, and bring him safely back into the light.W. C. Bauers
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