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Time and Eternity: The Uncollected Writings of Malcolm Muggeridge

by Malcolm Muggeridge

Time and Eternity: The Uncollected Writings of Malcolm Muggeridge
Publication date: 2011-02-15
Number of pages: 244
ISBN: 9781570759055
Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990) was one of the English-speaking world s most fascinating literary figures. His writing dazzles with its prophetic insight, courage and wit. He was the first writer to reveal the true nature of Stalin s regime when in 1933 he exposed the terror famine in the Ukraine. Four decades later, Muggeridge was to make the work of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who contributed a Foreword to this book during the initial stages of its research known all over the world.

This enthralling collection of Muggeridge s journalism, reveals the astonishing range and steadiness of his gaze. Muggeridge seems to have been present at the great turning points of the last century and to have known, and seen through, the pretensions of many of its protagonists. Painstakingly researched from amongst Muggeridge s private papers, journals, letters and unpublished works, Time and Eternity offers unique and inspirational insight into the professional and private journey of one of the great writers of our time.Malcolm Muggeridge

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