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Think and Act Anew: How Poverty in America Affects Us All and What We Can Do about It

by Larry Snyder

Think and Act Anew: How Poverty in America Affects Us All and What We Can Do about It
Publication date: 2015-02-24
ISBN: 9781570759048
n Think and Act Anew the president of Catholic Charities USA, Fr. Larry Snyder, describes the wide-ranging effects of the near economic collapse of the American economy. The enduring issues of underemployment and unemployment, hunger and hardship, provides the United States with an opportunity to think and act anew in dealing with the interminable issue of entrenched poverty in the world's wealthiest nation.
Fr. Snyder introduces us to the people behind the headlines, through stories of those who have sought Catholic Charities services. He draws on social teaching and the papal encyclicals Caritas in Veritate, Deus Caritas Est, and Populorum Progressio which firmly establish the dignity and worth of each and every human being. Establishing the firm connection between charity and justice as the core principals around which our decisions as a society must be made, Fr. Synder then challenges government, business, and individuals to examine their roles, accountability, and potential to change our nation s course.
Think and Act Anew also includes practical ideas and examples of innovative programs that are making a difference in the lives of people and their communities. Finally, Fr. Snyder calls on people of faith and all Americans to commit to addressing our economic and social safety nets and to envision innovative approaches to remove the causes of poverty in America.Larry Snyder