Theology of the Body for Every Body

by Leah Perrault

Theology of the Body for Every Body
Publication date: 2012-10-31
Number of pages: 112
ISBN: 9782896464036

A broad reflection on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and how it applies to every day life for people of all ages.

Highly explored and examined, Pope John Paul II’s scripture-based reflections on human relationships and sexuality have captivated thousands of women and men around the globe. Yet few have discussed the implications of his theology for everyday life. Theology of the Body for Every Body offers us just that: a holistic reflection meaningful for everyday life.

This outstanding book explains Pope John Paul II’s foundational ideas and then looks to his encyclicals and writings on family, justice, labour and the Church to broaden the application of his Theology of the Body beyond simple – and simplistic - sexual ethics. Bringing a female voice to the writings surrounding the Theology of the Body, Leah Perrault explores its deeper applications for sexual ethics within a vision for human growth, service and justice.

Leah Perrault is a well-known and regarded speaker on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. She is the co-author of How Far Can We Go? A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating. She currently lives in Saskatoon with her husband and two small children and serves as the Director of Pastoral Services for the Diocese of Saskatoon.

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