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Theology of Ministry (New Edition (2nd & Subsequent) / REV Ed)

Theology of Ministry (New Edition (2nd & Subsequent) / REV Ed)

"Parishes have since the 1960s fashioned a new model of parish: not that of pastor and assistants with sisters in the school but a model of circles of ministry around the pastor," states Thomas O'Meara. His Theology of Ministry, now revised and updated, brings readers up to date on this shift from biblical, historical, and theological perspectives.

O'Meara presents a fundamental and cultural theology of ministry organized around the following subjects:

Ch. 1 The context of ministry
Ch. 2 The origins of ministry in the work of Jesus
Ch. 3 The metamorphoses of ministry through the centuries
Chs. 4-5 Ministry and ministers today
Chs. 6-7 Ideas on the sources and spirituality of ministry

Clearly written and packed with new material that makes it highly relevant for today's participants in ministry, both lay and clergy, this work is a must for seminaries, colleges, lay-ministry training centers, and diaconate training programs. Its broadly considered theology of ministry will make this a classic like its predecessor.Thomas F. O'Meara

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