The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory: Iona Prayers


The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory: Iona Prayers
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ISBN: 9781905010103
'To be in a seat at Iona Abbey, to be moved by the awesome oratory of a MacLeod sermon in full flood, to be led into the nearer presence of God by means of kaleidoscopic, imaginative prayer, is to be privileged and - more importantly - to be changed...The urgent radicalism of his views on politics and peace spring not from modern sociological analysis, but from a profound sense of the holy at the heart of life...The personal becomes political in a vision which pushes the parameters of theological orthodoxy, yet just remains within the creedal boundaries - Christ at the heart of the cosmos; Christ the light of the world in all, through all; Christ the light energy in and through all matter.' Ron Ferguson, former Leader of the Iona Community, from the Introduction. 147652 George F. Macleod, George F. MacLeod

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