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The Twelve Degrees of Silence

The Twelve Degrees of Silence

A dynamic presentation of a spiritual classic for women and men yearning to be renewed by a silent encounter with God. The anxiety and stress of life’s busyness leaves many of us thirsting for peace and solitude. We recognize that the constant noise and distraction is not good for our spirits, yet we find it difficult to cultivate moments of silence. We long to experience union with God, yet everything else seems to demand our attention. Renowned author and spiritual teacher Lucinda Vardey invites us to nurture a spirituality of silence through the words and wisdom of the 19th century spiritual mystic and Carmelite nun Sr. Marie-Aimée de Jésus. A source of inspiration to such spiritual masters and modern saints as Edith Stein, Sr. Marie-Aimée’s reflections guide us on a twelve-movement journey to a silent and intimate union with God. Vardey’s insightful introduction and soul-searching reflections help us to connect and put into practice the wisdom of a classic mystic into our everyday lives. Sr. Marie-Aimée’s wisdom, together with Vardey’s guidance, will lead spiritual seekers everywhere on an intimate journey to communion with God. Whether prayed over a few weeks or several months, Twelve Degrees of Silence is certain to be a spiritual well of wisdom to draw from for a lifetime. Sr. Marie-Aimée de Jésus, O.C.D., Lucinda Vardey
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