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The Tree That Survived the Winter

The Tree That Survived the Winter

Although we often think of fables as intended for the enlightenment and entertainment of children, here is one that adults will want to read. Mary Fahy has written a tale aimed at persons who find themselves in a period of transition, or who are experiencing loss or new birth in their lives.

She tells the story of a tree that awakens one spring morning to discover that she has survived the winter, but with many changes in her being and appearance. Overcoming feelings of anger, fear and abandonment, the tree comes to appreciate the abundance she has been given and finds ways to share this mystery with others. Finally, the tree understands the mystery of love and fidelity.

In the tradition of Hope for the Flowers, this beautifully illustrated, sensitively written book has become a classic in its own right. Readers will recognize their own story in it--a story of affirmation, indomitable spirit and love.Mary Fahy

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