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The Treasury of American Prayers

by James P. Moore Jr. , James P. Moore

The Treasury of American Prayers
Publication date: 2008-11-25
Number of pages: 368
ISBN: 9780385524629
What I have compiled in this extraordinary treasury are the very private thoughts of American philosophers, farmers, athletes, statesmen, mothers, laborers, scientists, industrialists, and others in their relationship with God. Some are simple, straightforward entreaties; others are elaborate invocations. All of them, however, provide indelible imprints and keys to understanding the inner sanctum of the individuals who made America what it is today.
The prayers of these Americans are intimate snapshots of how they dealt with the gamut of human emotions, conditions, and events they experienced. They found comfort, hope, and the ability simply to endure by turning to God in their often unpredictable lives.
While the language of these prayers may vary from era to era, the essence remains the same. Americans from all walks of life and faiths have found their existences incomplete without being able to reach out to a higher power. It is through the words of their prayers that they find purpose in a larger context and from a greater perspective.

—James P. Moore Jr.

Since its inception, America has remained a deeply religious and spiritual nation, fostering a prayer culture that has thrived among its diverse population and its wide-ranging faith traditions.

The Treasury of American Prayers brings together hundreds of prayers composed largely by Americans from all walks of life to create an unparalleled and comprehensive collection of “home-grown” expressions of spirituality and religious conviction. These prayers form an inspiring portrait of the country’s rich and profound faith and provide access to the innermost thoughts of such individuals as Benjamin Franklin, Elvis Presley, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Conrad Hilton. They have helped sustain Americans in times of war and recession as well as in periods of change and even prosperity.

Jim Moore has compiled an extraordinary anthology in The Treasury of American Prayers, arranged by such topics as patience, thanksgiving, despair, love, and other timeless themes. He provides context, historical perspective, and a personal insight for each prayer. While this collection reflects the great history of the American experience, these prayers also hold great resonance for Americans today.James P. Moore Jr., James P. Moore