The Story Revealed

by Fr. Bill Bausch

The Story Revealed
Publication date: 2013-03-01
Number of pages: 344
ISBN: 9781585958832

Effective preachers know that the best homilies come from stories. Humorous or sad, powerful or simple, factual or fictional, a good story can breathe life into a homily.

As Fr. Bill Bausch says, telling stories can help preachers recapture the original “wow” of the gospel. In his newest collection of more than 70 masterful homilies, Fr. Bill is at his storytelling finest, seamlessly weaving timely, intriguing stories into Gospel truths. From “Bill Barth and the Little Tin Box” to “iPod and I, God,” Bill spreads his usual wisdom and humor into every liturgical season and cycle from Advent through Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time. Fans of Fr. Bill will find plenty of material for feast days, funerals, holidays, and the current issues of our day. Each homily can be adapted to suit any preaching style or faith community.

Fr. Bill also includes a generous supply of suggestions and tips for delivering homilies that resonate deeply. They’re perfect for priests, deacons, lay ministers, teachers, RCIA groups, and anyone who wants to explore Scripture more deeply and apply it to daily living.

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