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Spirituality of the Second Vatican Council, The

by Gerald O'Collins, SJ , Gerald O'Collins SJ

Spirituality of the Second Vatican Council, The
Publication date: 2014-05-01
Number of pages: 96
ISBN: 9780809148707
This book presents the rich spirituality that Vatican II offers to all the faithful, a spirituality that has been widely neglected. Debates over the Council s theological and pastoral teaching continue to distract attention from the Council s central message about the universal call to holiness. Such holiness attends to the manifold presence of the risen Christ, the life of the liturgy, the Scriptures that lead and feed us, the prophetic, priestly and pastoral mission of all believers, and the need to hear the cry of the poor.


Shows the need to be biblical, liturgical and committed to the needy.
Draws out the invitations: be in dialogue, "be penitent reformers, and be in touch with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints"Gerald O'Collins, SJ, Gerald O'Collins SJ

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