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The Source of Life: Exploring the Mystery of the Eucharist

by Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn , Christoph Cardinal Schonborn

The Source of Life: Exploring the Mystery of the Eucharist
Publication date: 2007-12-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780824524777
Cardinal Schoenborn, who regularly gathers the people of his diocese in the beautiful medieval cathedral of Vienna, Austria, knows how to communicate the great Christian mysteries in modern ways, integrating contemporary everyday experience with the knowledge passed on from tradition and the great thinkers and theologians of the church. In this volume, focusing on the beauty and power of the Holy Eucharist, the prominent cardinal also explores the Jewish roots of the Christian story as well as the deep division that the understanding of the Eucharist has created within Christian communities. A readable book for everyone who wants to know more about, and experience more profoundly, the central sacrament of Christian life.
Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn