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The Quotable Bible

The Quotable Bible

What does the Bible say about love? What is the Twenty-third Psalm? Which verse references “a land flowing with milk and honey”?

Drawing from a variety of Bible translations, including the classic King James Version, this collection of quotations contains the wisdom of the Bible, organized by theme from “Abilities” to “Zeal.” This volume is a rich resource ideal for browsing and reference. In addition to more than 3,500 quotations, special features include:

· Three indexes, listing quotations by theme, Bible verse, and key word
· Biblical origins of popular expressions, such as "doubting Thomas," "good Samaritan," and "eat, drink and be merry."
· Lists of hymns and prayers
· A list of names, titles, and descriptions of God
· The titles, miracles, and parables of Jesus
· Quotations for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, funerals, and holidays

This comprehensive volume is ideal for students, writers, speakers, or anyone who wants to become better with the book that, more than any other, has shaped our spirituality and culture.Martin Manser, Martin H. Manser
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