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The Psalms for Our Lives Volume 3

The Psalms for Our Lives Volume 3

The psalms are ever-present in Christian hymn and liturgy. But what about the psalms for everyday reflection in our fast-paced and complicated lives?

From a leading bishop in the Canadian church comes a thoughtful and poignant commentary on each of the psalms in three volumes. In short and easy to digest reflections, Durocher deftly moves the reader from understanding the original meaning behind each psalm, to re-imagining it in light of the Gospel, our Christian vocation, and finally to seeing the bigger picture that lies behind the message each psalm might have.

The Psalms for Our Lives is for all women, men – lay or ordained – and spiritual groups engaged in parish life seeking a deeper understanding of God, and our relationship with God in a harried world.

Paul-André Durocher was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on May 28, 1954. He was ordained a priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Timmins, Ontario, on July 2, 1982.

Currently, he serves as Archbishop of Gatineau, Quebec.

Archbishop Paul Andre Durocher
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