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The People's Revolution

The People's Revolution

A collection of lively and dynamic stories of a Scarboro Missionary, sure to inspire the faith of all Catholics. More than 50 years ago, Fr. Charles Gervais embarked on a journey to share the Gospel and proclaim the faith to the people of the Philippines. He soon discovered it was the people who would proclaim the faith to him. Through widely engaging stories, Fr. Gervais recounts his experience as a Scarboro Missionary living and working in the Philippines. Shaped and formed by a Canadian missionary community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to living in solidarity with the poor, he tells of the long journey to the Philippines, the impact of a Church transformed by the Second Vatican Council and a nation torn by violence and injustice that has left many of its people wounded. Yet it is in the women and men with whom he ministers and serves that Fr. Gervais experiences the stunning witness and joy of faith. Readers will be moved by the powerful stories he shares. Each account draws us deeper and deeper into his experience, yearning to discover the gift that he received throughout his many years of ministry. Through the lens of one missionary, we realize that true transformation and conversion comes about only in communion with all our brothers and sisters, particularly the least among us. Fr. Charles Gervais, S.F.M., Fr. Charles Gervais
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