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The Paulist Biblical Commentary

The Paulist Biblical Commentary

The Paulist Biblical Commentary (PBC) is a one-volume commentary on the books of the Bible designed for a wide variety of Bible readers, especially those engaged in pastoral ministry. The volume consists of a commentary on each of the seventy-three books of the Catholic canon of the Bible along with twelve general articles. While based on classical approaches to Scripture, the commentaries and articles are not limited to historical-literary issues, but draw upon relevant theological and pastoral ideas found in the text.

The Paulist Biblical Commentary presents:
· Solid exegesis of the biblical text.
· A useful tool for preaching and spiritual nourishment.
· An essential aid to deepen the understanding of Scripture.
· Current biblical research that is relevant to pastoral or spiritual ministry.

The Commentary brings together the collaboration of more than seventy international biblical scholars, each with expertise in their area of study drawn from their experience and interest in pastoral or spiritual ministry.

ISBN: 978-08091-0613-4