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The Paradox of Power: From Control to Compassion

The Paradox of Power: From Control to Compassion

Drawing from real-life examples as well as theory, this treatise explores the potential for inspiration and wisdom that resides in power and demonstrates how the creative energy of power can heal and invigorate  relationships, marriages, and families, and benefit larger organizations such as corporations, churches, and even nations. For the citizens of a political economy and country like the United States, or members of the faith community of the Roman Catholic Church, issues related to the negative use of power, such as control and repression, have dominated the discussion. The destructive manifestations and consequences of power are critiqued in the early chapters of this book. In subsequent chapters the forgotten aspects of power—its positive influences on families, communities and organizations—are discussed. In addition, the guide presents a vision of a Trinitarian God that can be applied to all relationships, whether personal, communal, or collective.

Michael H. Crosby, Michael Crosby OFMCap
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