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The Other Game: Lessons from How Life Is Played in Mexican Villages

by Dahl-Bredine & Hicken , Phillip Dahl-Bredine, Stephen Hicken

The Other Game: Lessons from How Life Is Played in Mexican Villages
Publication date: 2013-11-20
ISBN: 9781570757808
The authors ask you to consider playing a new game, one in which everyone has a chance to win. They invite you into a community which can make the world bigger, richer, and more exciting for you, as their life among the Mixtec peoples has for them. You will visit villages that have existed for thousands of years, meet their inhabitants, and talk with them about life, economics, work, and family. You will see how their way of life presents concrete alternatives to our Western culture that we must take seriously in order to create a sustainable future for ourselves, our human race, and the other dwellers of the planet. Far from being a romantic throwback to a lost paradise, the indigenous society in this book -- so close yet so far-- offers us strong contemporary options at a turning point in our own history.Dahl-Bredine & Hicken, Phillip Dahl-Bredine, Stephen Hicken