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The Letters, PPS49 (Popular Patristics)

The Letters, PPS49 (Popular Patristics)

An otherwise unknown second-century Christian, Ignatius was taken from Antioch to Rome in an imperial triumph, to be executed in the arena. He saw this triumphal proession as Christ s, as he went to a conquering death. As Christ s death brought about reconciliation between Jew and Gentile, Ignatius hoped that his death, united with Christ s, would bring about reconciliation within and among the churches to which he wrote.

Two centuries later, when the Arian controversy further divided the Antiochene church, an unknown writer took on the persona of Ignatius to appeal for peace.

As today the church is more than ever divided, Fr Stewart presents a fresh English version of both Ignatius and his imitator, with the Greek of Ignatius, and concise introductions to the letters. The most recent research on Ignatius is accessibly presented, and the first English version of the imitation Ignatius is here made available to students, to clergy, and to the people of God.

Table of Contents

Foreword 9
On Ignatius of Antioch 11
Ignatius Letter to the Ephesians 25
Ignatius Letter to the Magnesians 41
Ignatius Letter to the Trallians 53
Ignatius Letter to the Romans 63
Ignatius Letter to the Philadelphians 75
Ignatius Letter to the Smyrneans 85
Ignatius Letter to Polycarp 97
On Pseudo-Ignatius 107
Correspondence of Pseudo-Ignatius and Mary of Cassosbola 131
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Trallians 137
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Magnesians 147
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Tarsians 157
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Philippians 163
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Philadelphians 173
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Smyrneans 183
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Polycarp 191
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Antiochenes 195
Ps-Ignatius Letter to Hero 203
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Ephesians 209
Ps-Ignatius Letter to the Romans 223
Appendix 1: Other Antiochene material relating to Ignatius 229
Appendix 2: The additional Latin letters of the Long Recension 251
Further Reading 255Ignatius of Antioch;, Ignatius of Antioch, Alistair Stewart
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