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The Jesus Women

by Marci Alborghetti

The Jesus Women
Publication date: 2006-08-01
Number of pages: 125
ISBN: 9781585955763
These twelve extraordinary first-person narratives are from women who were contemporaries of Jesus Christ. Each experienced him in a unique way and each became a disciple in her own right. Mary, his mother; Anna, the prophetess; the widow of Nain; the Samaritan woman at the well; Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus; and seven others, all tell their stories about Jesus and the profound affect he had on their lives and their faith. Each story is drawn from Scripture and invites a personal response through an “Active Meditation” and a series of pertinent and powerful reflection questions. Through these twelve women, readers are invited to reflect on the gospels in a whole new light, with hearts wide open to experience Jesus. They are invited to see him as these women did—and be forever changed.Marci Alborghetti