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The Gospel of Mark (Question by Question)

The Gospel of Mark (Question by Question)

The Gospel of Mark: Question by Question is a user-friendly study guide for reading and understanding the Gospel of Mark. This resource begins with a general overview of the Gospel of Mark along with the unique aspects and major issues involved with that distinguishes this particular gospel from the other three gospel accounts.

The sixteen chapters of the Gospel of Mark are divided into twelve sections that are considered in two parts. Part One Questions offers commentary and introductory material to the section being considered followed by a series of questions along with a concluding summary. Focus and attention is given to the rhetorical style of the Gospel of Mark. Part Two Answers has brief summary answers to the questions posed in Part One with the author providing the answers, not meant to be the definitive answer to the questions but serving as a way to highlight the main points and to encourage further discussion and inquiry. Bibliography for suggested further reading is provided.

Designed for the interested educated lay person, student, or church professional, this book is ideally suited for parish adult Bible study groups and college level inquiry.Timothy R. Carmody, TImothy R. Carmody
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