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The Gospel of John (Question by Question)

The Gospel of John (Question by Question)

The Gospel of John: Question by Question provides useful material and a format that will enhance both introductory courses in the Gospel of John and adult study groups. Other publications on the topic offer comments on every chapter of the Gospel or topical explanations of the Gospel's subject matter. This book combines these two practices often in that it provides brief commentary on biblical texts and periodically provides background on a topic relative to the Gospel. The book consists of twenty chapters. Each chapter includes an Introduction of pertinent information that will be helpful before reading the biblical text. One of the main features of the book surfaces in the Questions that appear in each chapter, which help clarify the meaning and message of the text and its context. These questions intend to clarify the issues of each chapter by raising an inquiry into an unclear issue. Answers appear in the second section of the book so as to provide the opportunity for the reader to discover the answer before turning to responses that have been provided for each question. At the end of the Questions in each chapter, a Conclusion will summarize the chapter and advance the reader to the next chapter. Judith Schubert (RSM, PhD) is Professor of Religious Studies and Theology at Georgian Court University, Lakewood, New Jersey. She has written several articles and a book entitled 101 Questions & Answers on Women in the New Testament, published by Paulist Press.Judith Schubert, Judith, Rsm Schubert
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