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The Go Bravely Companion Journal

The Go Bravely Companion Journal

By Emily Wilson Hussem

Emily Wilson Hussem and her bestselling book Go Bravely have helped tens of thousands of young Catholic women who’ve struggled with issues such as insecurity, friendship, body image, sex, and relationships. In response to popular demand, Wilson Hussem has created a beautifully designed companion journal to help guide you through each chapter of the book to help you embrace your role a joyful daughter of God.

The Go Bravely Companion Journal is beautifully designed and filled with stirring reflections, inspirational quotes, prayer activities, action items, and plenty of room to take notes. Through her gentle and whole-heart approach, Wilson Hussem grasps your hand in the spirit of friendship and invites you to dig deep into your heart.

With vulnerability, encouragement, and compassion, she will help you

  • approach friendships and relationships with authenticity and confidence,
  • forgive past hurts and focus on new beginnings,
  • keep calm and be steadfast in moments of anxiety and insecurity,
  • love your body and ignore the haters, and
  • discover the beauty of choosing chastity.

Wilson Hussem encourages you to step out in faith to illuminate the world with the witness of your life.

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