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The Eucharist and Social Justice

The Eucharist and Social Justice

The Eucharist and Social Justice convincingly makes the argument that the Eucharist is deeply political and potentially subversive. It explores some of the many different aspects of the inseparable relationship between Eucharist and social justice. Making ample use of the eucharistic texts, which are pregnant with meaning and embrace a whole host of social issues around poverty and injustice, it teases out their wider implications. It also rediscovers the dimension that God intended for the Eucharist: the life of the world. It draws out the potential of Eucharist, as a critique of the methods and results of economic globalization and as a dynamic force that both motivates and enables a commitment to social justice and the alleviation of poverty. It is written for all those who want to make the world a better place and for the growing coalition of the caring.Margaret Scott
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