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The Disciples' Jesus: Christology As Reconciling Practice

The Disciples' Jesus: Christology As Reconciling Practice

Instead of turning to the historical Jesus or to the pronouncements of church councils, Tilley approaches Christology from the perspective of the disciples of Jesus. How did they understand him? How did they shape their lives according to his teachings? What difference did Jesus make for them? Christology, then, is viewed as a practical discipline rather than a theoretical one.
In conversation with several contemporary theologians, Tilley examines texts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Pauls letter to the Philippians to explore Christian discipleship--what it meant to the early followers of Jesus and what it means to believers today. The goal throughout is to help readers understand how we can, using Tilleys words, ""be faithful to our old creeds in this new world.""Terence W. Tilley, Terrence W. Tilley
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