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The Catholic Educator as Catechist

The Catholic Educator as Catechist

Dive into the new Directory for Catechesis and discover how you as an educator are a key part of the evangelizing mission of the Church! Catholic schools are a mission field, and so all Catholic teachers are called to proclaim the good news of God’s love through their words and actions. When your relationship with Jesus shines through you, you invite your students into a deeper faith. The Holy Spirit is at work in you – even as the Spirit moves in them!

This user-friendly guide explores the new Directory for Catechesis from the Vatican. Through stories and faith-filled reflections, this accessible book by veteran Catholic educator Richard Olson shines a light on your role as a Christian witness and memory keeper, the importance of ongoing faith formation, ways to nourish the seed of faith in your students, current challenges and opportunities, and more. By looking to the guidance of the Directory and immersing themselves in The Catholic Educator as Catechist, Catholic schools can continue to work alongside the Church to build the kingdom of God one day at a time in today’s complex world.

Richard Olson
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