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The Catechist's Backpack: Spiritual Essentials for the Journey

The Catechist's Backpack: Spiritual Essentials for the Journey

Catechists spend their time guiding children and adults in deepening their Catholic faith. But who’s guiding the catechists on their spiritual journey?

While there are many books about what catechists should know and what they should do, there is very little on the spirituality of being a catechist. Written by two nationally known, expert lay catechists, The Catechist’s Backpack gives catechists the resources that speak to the spiritual dimension of their call to share the Catholic faith.

Warm and conversational, Joe Paprocki and Julianne Stanz foster, explore, and celebrate the spirituality of the catechist, encouraging catechists to embrace their spirituality so that they can pass on a living faith to the children they teach.

Also available in Spanish! La mochila del catequista

Joe Paprocki;Julianne Stanz;, Joe Paprocki DMin, Julianne Stanz
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