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The Book of Genesis: Question by Question

by William T. Miller

The Book of Genesis: Question by Question
Publication date: 2006-05-01
Number of pages: 304
ISBN: 9780809143481
Genesis: Question By Question was designed to assist individuals or groups who are planning to read the entire book of Genesis, and who want to gain a full understanding of its meaning, its author-ship, and the circumstances under which it was written. Readers are encouraged to develop religious appreciations and overviews as they progress toward the end of the journey, rather than at the start. This book is divided into a series of sections based on individual stories or remarks made by the various authors and editors of Genesis. For each section an introduction provides the basic information needed to read that biblical story in line with current scholarship, but much comment and analysis is held in reserve until the readers have moved on to try their hand at the questions. The answers at the end of the book should be consulted by readers after they have invested time in reflection and in writing down their own responses. In each section the conclusions that follow the question and answer process are meant to be practical rather than exhaustive, since the goal is to move on to the next section with the same plan--to get hands on the verses of the next story.William T. Miller