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The Bible on Suffering: Social and Political Implications

by Anthony J. Tambasco

The Bible on Suffering: Social and Political Implications
Publication date: 2002-01-01
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9780809140480
A basic human question is "Why must I suffer?" This collection of essays by various theologians and scripture scholars, and edited by Anthony J. Tambasco, examines the Bible's evolving attitude toward suffering. They show that the key questions in the biblical tradition are not about why we suffer, but how we can "...endure it, overcome it, and be faithful to our God in the face of even undeserved agony."

The contributors focus in the first six essays on texts from the Old Testament, including Job, Quoheleth and Daniel. Then they turn their attention to New Testament texts: Matthew's Gospel, Paul, the readers of First Peter and the community of the Book of Revelation. This volume exploring the social, political and economic ramifications of suffering as presented in a set of biblical texts will capture the attention of Bible scholars, theologians, and university and seminary teachers and students.

Prologue: Terrence W. Tilley
Richard J. Cassidy
Carol J. Dempsey
Marcus A. Gigliotti
Patricia M. McDonald
George Martin
Susan F. Mathews
Dennis M. Sweetland
Epilogue: Walter BrueggemannAnthony J. Tambasco